Creation+Destruction skillshares: Melbourne skillshares are based at Loophole Community Centre, 670 High St Northcote; next one will be on the 8th of May.  See below for more detailed description.

NOWSA: the network of women students in australia conference, happening in newcastle midyear.

Other Projects Worldwide

Creation+Destruction Skillshares Forum: Regular skillshares centering women, people of colour, trans people, and other marginalised groups.  Based on the idea of sharing wealth, wealth being not just money but also access to resources and knowledge.  Happening in Melbourne and soon the rest of Australia.

Blank Noise: Indian project tackling street harassment and assault through art

Hollaback Australia: Photographing and exposing harassers; providing space to share stories

Garneau Sisterhood: poster campaign in 2008 following a series of rapes in Garneau, Canada

This is Not an Invitation to Rape Me: Scottish website demolishing myths of how women “ask for it”


Daily Disrespects and Direct Actions:  zine about women responding to street harassment

Doris #21: a zine about girl gangs, incest, and Guatemala.

Learning Good Consent: a compilation zine about learning good consent from the authors of Doris and Support.

Philly’s Pissed: lots of different zines from a group in Philadelphia working on community responses to sexual assault.


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